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Our Data Modelling Tools

At Virtual BI, we leverage the strengths of Power BI to develop comprehensive data models tailored to the nature of your business and the industry it operates within. Explore below our range of data modelling tools to see how we can help increase efficiencies and enhance internal operations within your business.

Our Warehouse/Inventory Data model depicts the flow of goods, tracks inventory movements, and enables efficient storage, live tracking, and reporting of inventory-related information.

Our Production/Manufacturing Model organises and analysis data associated with all processes within the production and manufacturing stage of a business. This model also encapsulates data relating to sales, inventory, and other relevant important financial information.

Our Supply Chain Model integrates data from various sources, such as procurement, inventory, logistics, sales and more. The ultimate goal of this model is to gain a greater understanding of the supply chain process in order to enhance its operational efficiencies.

Our Sales/CRM Model encompasses data that represents sales and customer information within an organisation. It allows organisations to analyse KPI’s, sales trends, customer interactions, behaviour and more, allowing the business to make more informed decisions regarding their sales processes and customers.

Our Accounting Data Model structures all financial data in a clear and concise way. It organises financial data from various sources, including transactional data, revenue, expenses, profit margins, cash flow and more, in an easily understandable format. This enables organisations to make proactive decisions based on quantitative data.

How We Can Help

Leveraging our experience with Power BI and expertise in the field of data management, modelling, and analysing, we develop comprehensive data models tailored to various processes within organisations of various industries.

Working in collaboration with you from the very beginning, our team will ensure the developed data models align with your specific business needs and industry requirements. We will tailor the data models to effectively capture and analyse relevant data, providing you with actionable insights and a solid foundation for making informed decisions. This will contribute to achieving better organisational outcomes, including increased operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and greater business outputs.

Contact the experts today to see how we can help your business thrive.


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