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What Our Clients Say

Florentines Patisserie

It is with great pride that I recommend Pey Geldenhuys from Virtual BI Limited. 

Pey is one of the most capable and professional software engineers that I have had the experience of working with.

We had a huge ERP system change-over and Pey was the person who helped us to develop and install our KPI and reporting structure using the Microsoft Business Intelligence software.  This was a massive undertaking and took us more than 18 months to complete.

Pey and his team were very professional and quickly came to understand our large amount of business data to help build the BI models from.  This then enabled us to develop financial and operational summaries with graphs and charts.  These have now become a central part of our KPI reporting structure.

Whenever Pey worked with us, he was calm and understanding and adjusted his process to suit our needs.  The financial and operational summaries required to develop the KPI reports were complex, and it certainly required him to understand business processes and systems. 

Peys support through this development process was a level of dedication that I have not experienced with another programme installation service. 


I have no issue in recommending Pey Geldenhuys for any type of company that requires Virtual BI Limited services. 

Greg Knight  |  Managing Director  |  Florentines Patisserie

Cherry Jelly Cheesecake
Clothing Store in the Mall


GDM delivers award winning retail display systems, retail fixtures and store shelving for leading retailers across New Zealand and Australia.

We have been using Virtual BI for more than five years now to supplement reporting from our Abel ERP system, and provide analysis of our Sales, Production and Financial data.


Pey and Virtual BI have been a tremendous assistance in developing our Power BI reports, and remain readily available to offer support and advice on additional features and best practice.

Ask Pey a question on how to add a basic measure to a report, and we will often end up with extra functionality, visuals, and an overall improved version of the report.


GDM Retail Systems

GTech Belmore

GTech is an OEM manufacturer based in Christchurch with offices in Houston.

Group General Manger Will Colenso came to GTech in 2017.


“When I arrived at GTech I saw that although we had a good ERP system it wasn’t very strong on reporting.

As a growing business it was critical for us to have live data across all of our business functions – Accounting, Production, Sales, Supply Chain and Warehousing.


To make this happen we engaged Virtual BI. From the outset they understood what we were trying to achieve and worked along side us to provide the right solution. As our business has grown and evolved over the last 4 years Virtual BI have continued to proactively support us every step of the way with improved technology, support and reporting and today our business reporting is second to none.

I would highly recommend them to any business wanting to develop real time, concise and highly value add systems reporting.


Will Colenso  |  Group General Manger  |  GTech Belmore

Engineer in Factory
Industrial Engineer

Fero Ltd

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Fero has been working with Pey from Virtual BI for about 3 years now on ways to improve our business data analysis.


I worked with Pey to create BI reports to drive improvements in forecast accuracy and then working with our customers on ways to improve their forecasting. Using a Production BI model, Pey created a virtual “swim lane” for our production team so that we can analyse our workflow planning for production, understanding what is in production currently and what is planned for future in real time which has been great for production capacity planning. Using the Warehouse model, we have been able to produce more accurate business data on customer liability for both materials and finished products, and identify quickly when materials may be going ‘end of life’ and reduce our stock obsolescence costs.


BI is a tool we now use on a daily basis to quickly and easily gain raw business data thru creating reports that can be easily exported for further analysis form many aspects of the business, whether it be Sales, Purchasing,  Stock or Production across both Production Plants, here in New Zealand and in Samoa.


Dean Curtayne  |  Infrastructure Manager  |  Fero Ltd

Business Intelligence Analysts
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