What is Business Intelligence & Analytics?

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Business Intelligence encompasses a range of technologies and methodologies that allows company data to be transformed into meaningful decision supporting information.

Traditionally, users of systems would rely solely on the static reporting produced by their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, combined with extracts to spreadsheets to form summarized visual information. BI allows the next level of reporting that encompasses powerful drill through and interactive technologies to analyse a companys’ data in a meaningful way.

Business Analytics for your Organisation

Because BI starts with data and ends with meaningful information presented through a toolset, there are many building blocks that are required in-between.

Typically step one is to collect data from systems such as an ERP solution and store in a data warehouse in structures that support the BI tools.
Step two is to transform the data in the data warehouse into aggregated data with meaningful measures and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). How data is to be sliced and diced (the way a user wants to query the data) involves identifying the dimensions to be used.
The final step is creating a range of BI reporting visuals that use this model, or allow the user to simply use the model interacting with a BI tool. Virtual BI prefers to deploy systems based on the Microsoft BI stack which includes technologies such as SQL Server (for Data warehousing), SQL Server Analysis Services (for data mining and cubing), SQL Server Reporting Services (for rich detailed static reports) and Power BI (for interactive dashboards delivered to multiple devices including mobile).

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Our Business Intelligence Process

Most of our BI solutions involve the following steps:

  1. Analysis of Requirements.
  2. Data Warehousing including setup and configuration of SQL Server.
  3. Data Modelling including setup of “the universe” in SQL Server.
  4. Power BI modelling and Dashboard generation that can be deployed to a Power BI Service.

We provide expert data analytic skills to assist your organization to make better business decisions. This is done by securely collecting your raw data, drawing conclusions, and creating powerful data models that provide instant meaningful visual information.